People do change over time or at least their choices do. After having lived 38 summers on mother Earth, I can definitely say, my choices have changed… a lot. Let’s take the impending Valentine’s Day for example…

At 15 years – Balls I knew anything about the specialty of the 14th of February! It was just another day; in fact I was not much fond of the entire month of February because of the looming fear of Final Exams that used to occur in March.

e318bf629f7a0c41e3b2efa9b258fd63At 19 years – My ideal Valentine’s Day gift would have been a dialogue with my then crush. The content of the dialogue did not matter, as long as it was at least a 60 second exchange of words. SIGH!!!!!!

At 24 years – A romantic evening with my date with wine and food (food was and is always of paramount importance… that has not changed)

At 29 years – A peaceful night with bro and other friends with beer, movie and food (obviously)….

My furry angel Ole came into my life only on my 30th birthday and Thimpoo came in much later only 3 years ago. Hence had to spend those Valentines’ without them….dog-cartoon-emoji-emoticon-smiley-face-020-512

At 34 years – A quiet dinner with husband and no wine (good married women do not drink wine). After dinner return home to Ole Kumar to cuddle to.

At present – A no-work day, sitting cozy with my dogs, reading (finishing) a book and chugging some beer (good married women don’t care anymore)tango-face-wink-hi and maybe end the day with some funny movie.

Gee man!!! Now that I have put my choices down on paper, I find that food, some form of alcohol and my babies are the only constant things in my life.


Weird as it is, I guess the choices change in every field with time and experience.




Image Courtesy –,  clipart fest, Giphy, Pinterest