untitled-1-psdSo it was 3:00 AM and I was sleeping ‘droolilaciously’ with my head buried in my pillow. Lost in my sweet dreams (I was dreaming that I was getting an awesome professional back massage from a faceless woman), I felt an actual scratch on my back. I ignored it and tried to continue my dream but the scratches grew faster and more severe.

Mumbling all the swear words I had in my dictionary, I woke up to see Ole` sitting in front of me with bright eyes and a smiley face and it meant only one thing ———– He has to go out for pee pee or poo poo. Mostly poo-poo!!!!!

Now tell me how could you remain angry with this face? Like EVER???


While I am gathering all my will power to get out of bed, Thimpoo decides that a late night party is in order so she starts whining as well. Now I have 2 super excited dogs and a groggy me in the elevator when these 2 bark their lungs out to announce all other dogs of the building that they are going down for a party….. Anyhoo… we 3 go down and are joined in by the building vigilantes Yeda & Yedi.

Empty road, noisy wind, cooing dogs… all was going well when suddenly everyone got silent and started looking towards the dark patch of forest-like-land behind our building. No one goes there at night because it is pitch dark and snakes roam and maybe wild dogs as well (not sure about the last one though).

exported_4_square_300.pngI am shitting bricks there because I cannot see anything and I am big time scared of ghosts and other such phantom characters. The wind noise grew louder and the dogs get into attack mode and like a weirdo I pick up a twig to attack the ghost (like that would work in a million years)

I don’t how long we were standing like that when I heard weird sounds of muffled footsteps. I could not breathe and from the corner of my eyes I see the dogs getting scared as well. I was wondering whether I should run away like a shrieking child with the dogs is when I see a nearby building’s security guard crossing the broken wall and walking towards us while scratching his butt.

Suddenly a conundrum of events happened simultaneously. Since he did not expect to see anyone at that ungodly hour, so a woman in her pajamas holding a stick and 4 scared dogs made him scream like a baby, hearing that I yelled too and the dogs’ reactions went from I-will-tear-you-apart to oh-I-know-you-let-me-smell-your-bum.

After 10 whole seconds of the screaming contest I turned around and started walking as if nothing has happened and the dogs followed. Not sure what the security person did though. We silently came back upstairs got under my sheet and slept off.