So last night I was pretty much excited about today! I had hoped to have a great Saturday. Instead I woke up with a stabbing stomach ache. I was wondering if hell hurts as much as this pain and wanted to disappear… washing-machine-cartoon-overflowing-38808871.jpgHowever, I behaved like a responsible adult and went about doing my daily chores when the drainage pipe of the washing machine leaked and before I could notice the entire house was drowning in soap water.

That took more than an hour to clean up and while all that was happening, I had become a premium member of the ‘Toilet-frequenting-club’.

dog-gas.jpgAmidst all this my Ole has become a fart bomber and if my life was a cartoon show then my room would have been filled with visible green poisonous air from his outputs. As if this was not enough I slip in the loo and am a proud owner of a large swelling near my ankle. YAY!!!!

Also I just realized that only half a day is over…… SIGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!