Since I had woken up in the morning, I had this nagging thought in my head that I must write a blog post today. Believe me that nagging thought was so annoying, because no matter what I did, it kept on poking me with a strange ‘Shin Chan’ voice that I must write something.

So 393271c995508d38e1ec99ba8263474f.jpgwhile I was sitting on the shit pot, I decided to indulge in a mental conversation with this voice. I asked “OK dude I will write something, but what? Give me something to write on”. On cue the voice said, “how do I know, I am just a voice in your head who sounds like Shin Chan. You decide what to write, I will just irritate you till you do so”…

That was the end of a not so fruitful conversation. I mean what else did I expect from a voice who sounds like Shin Chan. However, I thought that the ordeal was over and the voice was silenced with that conversation.


True to its promise, the voice kept on irritating me in different tunes, tempos and beats. When I took my furry ones for their walk, I heard the voice singing to the beats of “Yankee doodle went to town riding on a pony…” While I was munching on to my breakfast, the voice synced it beats with my munching sounds. Then I sat down for work and the voice changed its tune to the Celine Dion hit “my heart must go on!”It just would not stop…

I must applaud the Voice’s relentless passion for annoying me! However, I am totally mind fucked now because there is no end to this voice and I am getting real tired of this shit. Must… write… something…


Aaaaaaaaand I have a writer’s block!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






Image courtesy – Pinterest, DeviantArt