Once in a city not far away from here lived an irrational man. He was irrational but a happy single man! He had a life and a passion to dive into. His mantra was to rejoice life with his passion and take care of things at home. Things were going fine as his passion was his profession. So he naturally became a workaholic and no one complained. The irrational man was satiated in his picturesque world.

In the same city lived a rambunctious woman! They did not know each other. She was not even as ambitious as the irrational man and she wanted to live a content life. For her work was work, a means to an end. She was not workaholic! She worked so that she could earn a decent living and live a comfortable life with her cat named Mr. Miagi. She was gratified too.

They both thought this was life and were quite prepared for it…him with his art and her with her Cat and books.  Though they had nothing in common, they believed in the same 2 things…

  • Freedom is essential
  • Do not want to get married

Mr. Universe laughed at their naive thoughts as he had something completely different in mind for these 2 unassuming individuals! He secretly worked with the families of these two and made the families decide, “enough is enough… they cannot remain single and be content with life… NO!!!!!!!!! They must be married off to someone… only then will the families be relieved off their duties”!!

Despite many futile and unyielding attempts of dissuading their respective families, they finally gave in to the emotional blackmailing demands of the elders. The families of the Irrational Man and the Rambunctious Woman were connected through the miracle of technology called the World Wide Web.  Things happened and these two folks who never even moved in the same crowd were thrust together in Holy Matrimony!

Years rolled by and they both realized albeit they were a match made in heaven but not a very good one. The Happy Irrational Man slowly became the Unhappy Angry Man and despite doing more than he could, nothing ever seemed to fall in place. Meanwhile, the Rambunctious Woman slowly became Spiritless Woman for whom the duties were the only thing that never seemed to end. Marriage has almost managed to kill the vigor out of their lives.


I never promised a story with a happy ending or any ending at all for that matter. However, if you are looking for some happy thoughts, Mr. Miagi still looks good and now he has a girlfriend named Mrs. Robinson to spend his days with in this couple’s home!

Mrs. Robinson.jpg





Image courtesy – http://www.drodd.com/ (Mr.Miagi & Mrs. Robinson)