This happened last Saturday….

My Plan!

My original plan was that Saturday night is my party time! A time to let loose and be me! No responsibilities, no duties only absolute and unadulterated fun! And by that I mean getting cozy in bed with my lappie and headphones and 2 snoring dogs beside me. I wanted to catch up on my shows that were pending for the week.

What actually happened?

With extreme excitement, I finished all my post dinner tasks, took the furry ones down for their nocturnal duties, charged my lappie to the fullest capacity and I was ready for my night of raving fun!

AND then it happened… When I switched my lappie on, I thought I might as well check my twitter before I start with my shows. Someone had shared a cute puppy video on twitter and I could not watch it… so I did the unthinkable… I logged on to Youtube to watch the same video…


One puppy video became a kitten video… then a baby donkey video… then some tiger and lion cubs’ video… then back to puppies and kittens together… then Gag reels for Sherlock, Supernatural, Sleepy Hollow, Teen Wolf, then back to puppies and kittens… and the horror continued…

oh no yes no.gif

In my sleep induced stage of watching, which I thought was only for 15 minutes or so, I felt Ole nudging me as he wants to go potty… grumbling away to glory I checked the clock and saw…



I watched inconsequential videos for 8 straight hours!!!!!

giphy (1).gif

SIGH!!!!!!!!! aaaaand Sunday started…