So much stereotyping goes on in daily life that is ridiculous to hear about some of them. I have realized that it is not always that people want to insult you when they go around making such assumptions. It is just so hard wired into their brains that they don’t even understand that they are making a fool of themselves when they start assuming.

Something that a Professor had told me once is stuck in my head like a broken record… “If you assume anything about me then you make an ‘ass’ of ‘you’ and ‘me’!” Most of the time such stereotyping is ludicrous but there are times when it becomes hurtful

Here are some of the silly ones that I’ve faced in my life or seen my friends go through in theirs…

  • If you are Bengali, it is assumed that you’d know how to sing like a pro or at least know Bharatnatyam or Odissi!
  • If you are a big person and you wear your hair short and like to wear minimal makeup you are automatically assumed to be a lesbian!
  • If you are a tomboy, it is a fucking surprise if you know how to cook a delicious meal from scratch!
  • If you like to go out and have a drink with your friends then you are ‘very forward’ and have no clue about ‘sanskars’!
  • If you like to wear makeup and wear clothes as per the latest trend, it is a miracle if you are not a shallow person!
  • If you are outspoken you must be a bitch!


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