Just like Kamasutra, someone should come up with a new book named Pustaksutra (Book-Sutra) which will note all the positions that one can assume while reading a book.

Code Sister before Mister – When your best friend likes a guy, he automatically goes into your “bro-zone”!!! Not friend-zone but bro-zone… (Even if the person in question is a movie star or a TV show star)….

Some skinny girls are so skinny that their clothes can be made out of a small pillow case or a large handkerchief.

Now that I am older, I realize that though I always loved the notion of flirting but was never good at it! I’d start good but by the end of my flirting sentence I’d increasingly sound delinquent.

Flip side of having wavy short hair – No matter what you do, your hair has a mind of its own and flies off the handle at the tickle of the smallest breeze, making you look like a homeless crazy person.